What if we changed the course of things?

LODI® is not just a simple geo-location health bag for diabetes mellitus.

LODI® is a collaborative project that will offer the diabetic community, their families and researchers a real chance to fight the illness in new and unexplored ways.

LODIBAG®: We have conceptualized the first geo-location health bag with learning capabilities

for the daily management of diabetes mellitus.


to let patients organize their bag in a tailored way that will fit their daily diabetes management, by organizing their health bag as an educational therapeutic tool. LODIBAG® has been adapted for diabetics of all ages, including the youngest.


lets you integrate the Diabnext software solution that renders your insulin injection pen and glucose meter, an intelligent and connected tool.

LODIBAG® is an extraordinary and indispensable source of anonymous data, accessible for free to all researchers around the world to help them further their search for a cure.


Education, pedagogy, security, compliance and design

About us

«LODIBAG® is an incredible educational tool to manage diabetes mellitus. This bag is an educational and therapeutic tool that structures the way you manage your diabete. It lets you organize your bag, like you need to organize your life around diabetes.»

Doctor Michel Polak Chief of staff, paediatric endocrinology and gynaecology at Necker-Enfants malades Hospital. Professor in medicine at René Descartes and member of the Unité Inserm 1016.

Our commitment

Give free access

to the entire community of diabetes researchers, of the millions of anonymous data entries.

Create and contribute

to the LODI® Economic Fund to ensure continued support in the research efforts.


the access to the best technological solutions available in the market which contributes in helping diabetics to live a better life.

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